Standard 710C, Edition 3
UL 710C

UL LLC Outline of Investigation for Ultraviolet Radiation Systems for Use in the Ventilation Control of Commercial Cooking Operations

UL Outline © 2017 UL LLC Edition 3 Published Date: September 22, 2006


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Summary of Topics

This Third Issue of the Outline of Investigation for Ultraviolet Radiation Systems for Use in the Ventilation Control of Commercial Cooking Operations, Subject 710C, is issued to make the following important updates in requirements: a) Title (the Second Issue was titled "Outline of Investigation for Ultraviolet Lamps Used for Reduction of Grease Laden Vapors from Cooking Equipment") and Scope changed to better align with NFPA 96; b) Glossary is expanded for clarity; c) 7.2 allows other material than metal and to evaluate the suitability of the barrier by test; d) 7.3 allows filters and other UV attenuation barriers to be evaluated by test; e) 7.4 requires UV attenuation barriers also serving as filters to comply with UL 1046 or UL 710 as appropriate for the filter; f) 7.5 requires that attenuation barriers with adjustable features to be adjusted to the worst case position for test; g) 7.12 allows for cleaning of the interlock, h) 7.13 requires a pressure interlock to de-energize the UV lamp when the ports are plugged; i) 7.19 requires a ballast to comply with UL 935 or UL 1029; j) 7.21 and 17.8 require UV lamps to be marked; k) 7.22 requires the hood exhaust to be marked for lamp replacement; l) 8.1 added requirements for UV protection for electrical insulation; m) 9.1 changes the requirements for Water Wash Hoods to test with water wash nozzles; n) 10.1 adds requirements for protection of electrical components from condensation; o) 11.1 and 11.2 adds requirement for gaskets and seals to comply with UL 710 test; p) in Section 14, replace former UL 1598 water spray test with actual water wash hood nozzle tests; q) Section 16, clarifies a one-minute activation allowance for interlock systems; r) 17.1 adds adhesive label requirement to comply with UL 969; s) 17.2 adds that printed labels should not be exposed to the UV source; t) 17.5 revised to allow an equivalent statement; u) 17.6 adds required marking for filter attenuation barriers; v) 17.7 adds required markings for multi-piece filter attenuation barriers; w) 17.9 requires the hood to be marked for UV lamp replacement; x) 18.4 adds lamp replacement information to the instructions; y) 18.5 gasket replacement information added to the instructions; and z) 18.6 requires information on the water wash system maintenance and nozzles.

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60691 4 Standard for Thermal-Links - Requirements and Application Guide
486A-486B 3 Wire Connectors
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Reverse Referenced Standards (1)

UL 710C is referenced in the following list of UL Standards

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